ChemStar Dry
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ChemStar Dry - Oil-Free Deep Vacuum System 2070


Rotary Evaporations


Eliminate messy oil maintenance, the threat of oil contamination to your sample, and cold trapping in many applications. Handle even high chemical vapor loads for simple, efficient deep vacuum. ChemStar Dry excels where no dry vacuum pump has before – the first practical alternative to oil-seal rotary vane pumps.

ChemStar Dry automates High Performance vapor flow (to 150L/min) at working vacuum levels (0.08 to 10 torr). Chemical resistant, max. vacuum is 0.05 torr. Smart system control coordinates vacuum blower / PTFE diaphragm pump operation to respond to any vapor load quickly and efficiently. Self-cleaning air purges remove condensable vapors between runs for repeatable top performance and extended diaphragm life.

Applications include:

  • Schlenk line drying manifolds
  • Vacuum ovens
  • Freeze dryers up to 6 L
  • Centrifugal concentrators
  • Many other deep vacuum applications

Save the time, expense, and hassle of oil-seal vacuum pumping with ChemStar Dry – a cutting edge product from Welch Vacuum Technology.

Consult your Welch-Ilmvac Representative for more information on ChemStar Dry.

ChemStar Dry Specification
Air displacement, CFM (L/min) 5.3 (150 L/min) @ 2 torr
Ultimate Pressure 0.05 torr
Weight, lbs (kg) 50 (22.7)
Overall Dimensions, inches (cm) 18.1 x 8.5 x 18.4 (445 x 21.6 x 46.7)
Power, line cord 115V, 60 Hz, 1 Ph


Technische Daten

Mehr Informationen
Artikelnummer 2070B-01
Typ small part
Max. Saugvermögen bei 50 Hz in m³/h (l/min) 12
Max. Saugvermögen bei 60 Hz in m³/h (l/min) 33
Max. Saugvermögen bei 60 Hz in cfm (l/min) 23
Saugvermögen He - Helium in l/s 4
Saugvermögen N2 - Stickstoff in l/s 3
Pumping speed H2 - Nitrogen in l/s 5
Endvakuum (abs.) in mbar (Torr) ohne Gasballast 12
Endvakuum (abs.) in mbar (Torr) mit Gasballast 34
Endvakuum (abs.) in mbar (Torr) 34
Anschluss Saugseite no
Anschluss Druckseite yes
Produkttyp part
Schallpegel (dB) 1
Regelbares Vakuum 34
Wasserdampfverträglichkeit in mbar (Torr) 1
Nenndrehzahl in min-1 44
Hochlaufzeit in s 1
Kühlung yes
Leistungsaufnahme in Watts 54

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