LVS 105 T - 10 ef
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Rotary Evaporations

The LVS 105 T - 10 ef is the perfect partner for your rotary evaporator. It has been optimised for rotary evaporator application with an ultimate vacuum of 2 mbar and peak flow of 20 l/min, allowing non-volatiles such as DMF to be evaporated at 30⁰C. It combines a powerful built in chemical duty diaphragm vacuum pump with Ecoflex control principals. Heating of the pump heads allows a consistent clean vacuum without gas ballasting. The Ecoflex control continuously adjusts the pumping speed to match the vapour load of the process and allows the pump to exhibit single point control which reduces bumping and foaming whilst achieving increased evaporation rates.
The built in digital vacuum controller allows easy adjustment of the desired vacuum level as well as the option to select common solvents from the built in solvent library.
An inlet trap protects the pump from ingesting liquids and particles and an exhaust vapour condenser for optimal solvent recovery.

Scope of delivery: chemical duty diaphragm pump in casing, inlet trap, exhaust condenser, Vacuum Controller 521 with ecoflex digital vacuum control

Technische Daten

Mehr Informationen
Artikelnummer 114184
Anzahl der Pumpenköpfe / Stufen 4/3
Max. Saugvermögen bei 50 Hz in m³/h (l/min) 1,2 (20)
Max. Saugvermögen bei 60 Hz in cfm (l/min) 0 (0)
Endvakuum (abs.) in mbar (Torr) < 2 (< 1,5)
Netzanschluss 90...260VAC /24V-
Anschluss Saugseite Hose nozzle DN8
Anschluss Druckseite Hose nozzle DN8
Schallpegel (dB) <45
Abmessungen (L x B x H) 250/260/435
Gewicht kg (lbs) 9,5 (20,9)