LVS 105 T - 10 ef
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Rotary Evaporations
The Perfect Partner for your Rotary Evaporator ecoflex Speed Control System Provides - Faster Processes - up to 40% increase in evaporation rates - Ultra quiet operation - silent at equilibrium - 2 mbar(1.5 torr) evaporates non-volatiles, e.g. DMF @30°C (86°F) - Solvent library built in - dial a solvent! - Multi-lingual digital display: English, German, French, Spanish and others ecoflex The Future for Evaporation Technology The key features of the new LVS 105 T -10 ef all come from the ecoflex control philosophy which continuously adjusts the pumping speed to match the vapor load produced by the evaporation process, regardless of changes in other parameters. Boiling points can be selected via jog-dial from the internal solvent library, or can be automatically derived by the controller with sensitivity adjustable by the user. Designed for chemical applications, all wetted parts are made from high quality chemically resistant materials including PTFE, PEEK, PVDF, PP and clear plastic coated glassware. With an ultimate vacuum of 2 mbar (1.5 torr) and peak flow of 20 L/min the LVS 105 T -10 ef has been optimized for rotary evaporation of both high and low boiling point solvents.

Technische Daten

Mehr Informationen
Artikelnummer 114184
Anzahl der Pumpenköpfe / Stufen 4/3
Max. Saugvermögen bei 50 Hz in m³/h (l/min) 1,2 (20)
Max. Saugvermögen bei 60 Hz in cfm (l/min) 0 (0)
Endvakuum (abs.) in mbar (Torr) < 2 (< 1,5)
Netzanschluss 90...260VAC /24V-
Anschluss Saugseite Hose nozzle DN8
Anschluss Druckseite Hose nozzle DN8
Schallpegel (dB) <45
Abmessungen (L x B x H) 250/260/435
Gewicht kg (lbs) 9,5 (20,9)