MPC 301 Z 230V 50/60Hz
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Rotary Evaporations
Vacuum Filtration
Gel Dryer

Diaphragm pumps for chemical applications - type MPC - are chemically compatible and resistant to aggressive solvents and acid vapors which are common in laboratories. The diaphragm are made out of elastomer with PTFE layer. The pump and connection heads are carbon fiber reinforced. Their electrical conductivity prevents electrostatic charging and minimizes the risk of gas mixture igniting inside of the pump.
The diaphragm pump MPC 301 Z is a two-stage pump. It is compact and functional. Maintenance and service are quick and easy to carry out. The pump operates extremely quietly.

The diaphragm pump MPC 301 Z is designed for:
- Conveying and compressing neutral and aggressive gases and vapors
- Generation of vacuum up to an ultimate pressure <8 mbar.
- Use in physical and chemical laboratories in combination with gel dryers, vacuum ovens and rotary evaporators.

Scope of delivery: 2-head chemical diaphragm pump, integrated motor protection switch, hose nozzle DN8 for hose inner diameter 8 mm, vibration isolating feet, external power supply and device connection cable IEC with plug CEE, UK.

Optional: Exhaust Silencer, vacuum regulator with dial gauge.

Technische Daten

Mehr Informationen
Artikelnummer 412722
Anzahl der Pumpenköpfe / Stufen 2/2
Max. Saugvermögen bei 50 Hz in m³/h (l/min) 2,3 (38,3)
Max. Saugvermögen bei 60 Hz in m³/h (l/min) 2,5 (41,7)
Max. Saugvermögen bei 60 Hz in cfm (l/min) 1,47 (41,7)
Endvakuum (abs.) in mbar (Torr) < 8 (< 6)
Netzanschluss 230V 50/60Hz
Anschluss Saugseite DN 16 KF with optional Hose nozzle DN 8
Anschluss Druckseite Hose nozzle DN8
Schallpegel (dB) <44
Abmessungen (L x B x H) 230/265/170
Gewicht kg (lbs) 11,2 (24,7)